About Us



Jamie Wasserman spent the first 20 years of her career working in the field of mental health with individuals, couples, families and groups.  During this time Jamie was able to witness the multiple ways that people struggle both within themselves and with the people whom with they live.  It became very clear that what most people were missing was a deep understanding of what it takes to live a happy life.  People were living without the basic knowledge of the internal operating systems that influenced every decision they made and colored every experience in their lives.

Jamie reframed her perspective on well being and sought to discover the systems that are fundamental and universal to all human beings across cultures,  age and gender.  She then created an educational and experiential program to teach individuals and organizations about these operating programs and how to use them to build a deliberate and robustly satisfying and successful life or company.

Guru Organization is the expression of this understanding as it applies to the corporate environment.  Jamie has taken these concepts of well being and applied them to individual organizations to help them create a reliable foundation of well being upon which to build their corporate culture through which they can successfully execute their strategic goals.